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The wrong ways of jadeite maintenance


Although jadeite is known as the "king of jade", its texture is hard, and the poison is not invaded. In the process of maintenance, if you do not do it properly, it will also cause damage to jade. The following erroneous maintenance methods, maybe you are also using!


First, use soapy water to "deoil" the jade
For friends who just came into contact with jadecheap name necklace, a small mistake that is often made is to use soapy water to "de-oil" the jade.

In fact, jade is "afraid oil", so it is best not to wear jade jewelry in the kitchen. If your jadeitename bracelet shop here for cheap is accidentally stained with oil, you can do the


following cleaning:

1. Take a small amount of mineral water.
2. Add a proper amount of neutral detergent to soak the jadeite into the water.
3. Gently brush the emerald with a soft brush.
4. Rinse with water after brushing.
5. Use a pair of glasses cloth to gently blot the water, remember not to use force.
6. Check if the inlay is loose.
7, Finish.


Second, use ultrasonic to clean dust of the jade
With the development of technology, a special ultrasonic cleaning machine cleans and removes the inlaid gemstones, which can clean the grease and dust that cannot be directly cleaned inside the gemstones.

However, the inlaid jadeite infinity name necklace is not suitable for such a cleaning method, because the ultrasonic wave will interfere with the internal structure of the jadeite, and the fine internal cracks will be caused by the light, and the jadeite will be broken.


Third, place in the box which reluctant wearing
Some friends bought the emerald and placed it at the bottom of the box. They were reluctant to wear it. They were afraid of being damaged. This way, although they can avoid risks, they can lose the opportunity of "people and jade mutual support."

Jadeite is spiritual. The long-wearing jade is nourished by human body fluids, and it will become more and more transparent and more beautiful. If the jademy name necklace is placed in the box for a long time, it will eventually lose its water and dry.

If you don't wear it for a long time, you need to take it out regularly and wash it with cold water or lukewarm water. This will keep the jade moisturized for a long time. If the surface is dirty due to long-term wear, just wipe the jade gently with a soft brush after soaking.

The best method of jade maintenance is to wear it personally, and the jade is mutually cultivated; only if you master the correct method of jade maintenance, your jademonogram ring will be more hydrated and transparent! GNN online

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