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Importance of Proper Server Setup for Websites

For businesses that depend on the internet for sales, it is necessary to have a proper server setup to handle the needs of the website. With this, it’s important to understand that servers require routine maintenance, centralized backups and other facilities that provide adequate protection while allowing optimized speed for websites to load in milliseconds. 

Physical Server Setups & Virtual (Cloud) Servers


There are risks and benefits with physical servers that you personally house at a location, and a network of servers that are housed and connected in multiple locations. Physical servers offer 100% ownership, but also require a more advanced knowledge of custom installations, integrations and networking. Virtual servers can be managed or unmanaged, but don’t give you ownership and there is a risk of data being compromised if the server management company ceases to exist. Managed servers are best for those with less working knowledge of server management and security.


There are, and always have been threats that come with technology, so here are some of the benefits of having a proper server setup for your website.


Adds Reliability 


If a component failed within your current system, it is possible that you may not have access to your files. It may take longer to diagnose, replace, and repair failed components, which can cost you a lot of money and lost working hours. Proper server setup helps alleviate the problem. Even if one component fails, you will get a notification, and the system will continue to serve your business.


Website Load Speed


Some servers have a limit on the number of users who can access your website at any given time. If a lot of people access it simultaneously, the website starts to respond sluggishly. With time, your business will expand, and you will need a server that can meet your new requirements. 


Proper server setup ensures that your website grows with your business without operational limitations. You should note that servers can easily be upgraded in terms of access speeds, remote access, and disc space. 


Automated Backup System


With a limited server, there is a tendency of storing your data all over and not having it backed up against corruption, hacking, and deletion. Fortunately, with proper server setup for your website, you can have a centralized email system where you can back up your business emails. Remember that a lot of business transactions are done via the email, so having control over backups is quite important.

Automatic backups are essential to any server setup and should always be implemented to ensure you have a running “hard copy” of all your data, files and settings.




It goes without saying that a website, or hosting environment must be secure. There are literally millions of companies out there who rely on various types of hosting and server setups to make the website run smoothly. One particular Tulsa web design company actually hosts their websites in a grouped and networked cloud based virtual server that runs many speed optimizers within the server environment. In addition, the management company interfaces and updates multiple security applications based on market research and the latest security trends.

Speed and security are the main points of website function, and can really help a business because of the added search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of having a safe and secure site for users to enjoy.



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