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Merrick Bank: Top Things To Know About This Bank

Merrick Bank, which is currently a subsidiary of CardWorks, Inc., appears to be an American retail bank. Actually, the bank was founded just back in 1997 – which is a really short history, compared to other major U.S. banks. Despite that, however, Merrick Bank has already succeeded to become one of the 20 largest issuers of Visa cards in the world!


Currently, Merrick Bank has more than 3 million cardholders in the United States, and this is, indeed, quite a good number. In fact, Merrick Bank offers credit cards for a variety of customer groups, including customers with poor credit history. So, if you were seeking a decent credit card while having poor credit, you may actually consider turning to Merrick Bank.


Another noteworthy thing about this bank is that it currently holds more than $5.3 billion in deposits. With such huge financial reserves and the A financial health rating, you can expect this bank to be quite safe. In terms of bank services, however, Merrick Bank lags behind larger and older American banks. Currently, there are only credit cards, recreational lending, certificates of deposit and merchant services on offer.


Step-By-Step Guide to Online Merrick Bank Services 

If you are a customer of this bank (or going to become anytime soon), then you may consider signing up for the Merrick online banking system. First of all, we ought to point out that every customer of this bank is eligible to sign up for its online banking. And in order to use it, you should obviously have access to the internet and one of the devices (PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone) near you.

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Regardless what Merrick Bank services you use, there may be quite many reasons for you to use its online banking service. In short, this will provide you with a great deal of convenience and flexibility. For instance, you will be able to pay your bills, view your history of transactions or access eStatements as well as apply for loans online.

Do you wish to start using the Merrick Bank online banking system? If the answer is “yes,” then you should complete a simple set of actions. Here, we will disclose what you should do in order to start using the online banking system of this bank. See the step-by-step guide just here:

  1. Become a customer of Merrick Bank. Indeed, you cannot begin using the online banking system of this bank, if you are not a customer of this financial institution yet. So, apply for a card/service you want and get all the necessary credentials for that.

  2. Receive all necessary services and documents. After you have received the service you applied for, you will also get all necessary documents. Those documents might be needed for your registration in the online banking system of Merrick Bank.

  3. Enter the website of Merrick Bank and sign up for online banking. Now, you should enter the website of this bank and register your online banking account. If you don’t know how to do it, this Merrick Bank login guide will definitely help you. Just follow those instructions and complete the sign up process.

  4. Log in to your account and manage your bank account with Merrick Bank. Once your online banking account has been created, you can use it to access your bank account online (the guide above shows you also how to make a login). Then, you will be able to manage your bank account online in a way you wish. You should keep in mind, however, that you will have to log in to your account each time.

Merrick Bank Review

Even though there are not many lucrative credit cards for customers with decent credit, this bank offers quite good credit cards for people with low credit. Besides, the fact that this bank has the A financial health rating means that it is quite safe to place your money in this bank. With the interest rate on CDs 3 times higher than the national average, that might be quite a great idea.

Currently, Merrick Bank is headquartered in South Jordan and tends to be the 11th-largest bank in the state of Utah. Even though the bank has only 1 location, 2.65% APY on its 12-month CD make this bank a good place to put your money in. Besides, many customers have been approved for unsecured credit cards with credit scores from 400 to 600.



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