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Use this screen to set who can see this page and what they can do here

Members of EXS 3070 (UG16) 01 - Kinesiology

This is where you define who can see this page, and what they can do here. Choose a role on the left to show or hide the page to members of that role.

For those who you allow to see the page, you can also adjust the permissions they have for interacting with the page.

Need more options? You can add new people (or group current people) by adding a new role
Members of MyCarthage

Want to show this page to a larger, MyCarthage-wide audience? That doesn't make sense for every page, but in some cases you want to share your content with large groups.

Choose a role on the left to grant them access or adjust their permissions.

Remember, choices made in this area apply to everyone in that role in MyCarthage.

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