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25 essay writing tips from essay helpers uk.penmypaper.com

Essay writing is a significant part of academic life that none of you can ever bypass. It’s important that you should be well-acquainted with the inside details. Although there are quite a few classifications, all of them follows a cardinal approach. Being the writer, it’s your responsibility to preserve each detail in your composition. That’s one door to perfection.

Do you know how to write a perfect essay? If not, you are just at the right place to learn! Here are twenty-five full-proof essay writing suggestions from essay helpers UK. Learn these for your own benefits and work accordingly. Take a look at the following shreds of suggestions –

Topic & Research

  1. Pick one from trending essay topics that suits your field of interest
  2. Read the essay questions thoroughly and note your assumptions
  3. Mind map the sources, which you will use for study and research
  4. Start exploring the resources to find the exact answers and facts
  5. Develop arguments that will be the basis of your composition
  6. Don’t miss out the counter arguments and negative hypothesis

Essay Outline

  1. Build a well-structured essay outline based on your findings
  3. Organize your facts and gen according to the outline

Body Paragraph

  1. Start writing from the essay body, leaving introduction for later
  2. Write transition statements to maintain link between each paragraph
  3. Dedicate each of the body paragraphs for single argument and counters
  4. Four to five paragraphs are average for essay body

Essay Introduction

  1. Write a flawless essay introduction after completing the body passage
  2. Identify vital points from the body and include them in the introduction
  3. Don’t make it too lengthy or too short – keep a balance with the body
  4. Start with a general aspect that has a trivial connection with the topic
  5.  Questions are considered a good start and numeral facts are hooking too
  6. The mid-section of the intro is for hinting to what coming in the essay body
  7. End the paragraph with a precise and crisp topic statement

Concluding Paragraph

  1. Summarize the whole concept of your essay in the concluding passage
  2. Perfect essay conclusions follow a triangular structural approach
  3. Start your passage by reinstating the topic statement in other words
  4. Pick the key aspects of your essay and insert in your conclusion
  5. Finally, give future recommendations of what coming next

Aforesaid are the most effective suggestions that help you to write a perfect essay. Suppose you are in a hurry or have a constricted deadline, these essay writing tips will guide you through the process.

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5 tips to overcome the first year of university studies in Barcelona

The first year in the faculty is a challenge for students who have decided to start their university studies in Barcelona . It is a big step in their lives, in which responsibilities increase considerably. In the best of cases, the young man will have chosen to study what interests and passion but the requirement in the classrooms of the first year can be really stressful.

Although there is nothing to worry about. It is a transition that many have gone through and it is enough to attend to a series of tricks that we offer you below to face the first year of college in a positive way .

5 ways to adapt from the beginning to the first year of university studies in Barcelona

Change the chip


The university is not the same as the secondary education and, the sooner you accept it, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your new routine. Surely it is not the first time you hear it but, how is it different? The university will grant you greater freedom and with it also greater responsibilities.

The schedule stops being so rigid and the teachers do not pay attention to the students. It is up to you to fulfill your responsibilities. Therefore, your accommodation will be so relevant at this stage. Choose a university residence where you can spend all your time studying and what really matters. Tell your parents, they will be delighted to know that the place where your child will spend the rest of the year is the best place to get the most out of their academic performance .

If you want to succeed in your first year of college, you must learn to self-demand and organize yourself.


Learn to organize


Studying, doing homework, group work, hanging out with friends, playing sports ...

Do not be overwhelmed, the week is long and there is time for everything. If you want to learn to organize, the first thing you have to do is remember that procasting is the formula for failure.

If you still do not know it is time for you to learn when you are more efficient in your studies. Dedicate a few weeks to meet you and when you have discovered at what time of the day is easier to study plan the rest of the day to meet friends and spend leisure time alone or accompanied.


Do sport


Being active not only mentally but also physically is of great importance throughout the academic year.

Playing sports is beneficial for the mind and body . Thanks to the release of endorphins, you will keep your stress levels at bay and keep your mind off the subjects for a few hours.

On the other hand it is a perfect way to meet new people during the first days and learn how to organize your time during the exam period. In the Sarriá Residence you will have sports halls to help you optimize every minute of the day.




During the first days of faculty is the ideal time to begin to build relationships with other colleagues. Do not get overwhelmed if at first you feel that you do not fit, we all go through a period of adaptation until we find those people with whom we connect.


If you do not get into a relationship in the classroom that goes beyond the purely academic, do not worry. Even if you do not study the same degree, your residence companions can become a fundamental pillar in your university life in Barcelona. Other tricks like signing up for team sports can be very useful to increase your social circle during the first weeks.

Keep calm and do not be negative


No you sink if you suspended an examination . Most of the university students see their grades during the first four months of evaluation.

Do not dramatize, it's a simple wake-up call that there's something you need to change. Adapting to new teachers and new subjects is not easy and requires time, effort and a lot of patience.

There are many other ways in which you can overcome   the first year of university studies in Barcelona without problem. From the Residencia Sarriá we are committed to doing everything possible to make you feel at home, and to make the change as smooth as possible. Are you coming to check it?


Exercises and activities to exercise the student's memory

For a student, memory is a determining factor in the success of his career. Therefore, it is important that you have the necessary skills to maintain your mental agility and retention. Something that you must take care of maintaining proper sleep hygiene, avoiding stress or simply exercising it constantly.Overburdened Due to Your Tough Essay Writing Task? Don’t Be! We Bring You the Most Trustworthy Essay Writing Services UK!Get Our Essay Help and Leave Everyone Behind in the Race of Academic Success

Since we were little we have entertained ourselves with board games such as association cards, tongue twisters or riddles, building stories or completing puzzles. But, during adulthood, while we are at the University, we take a Master's degree and we want to make the most of our stay in a university residence . What are the best ideas to exercise the student's memory ?

How to exercise the student's memory in a playful way

Apps to train data retention : train your ability to store information through the different apps available for smartphones and tablets. You will spend hours entertaining while the difficulty of the tests is increasing and almost without realizing it! Through simple challenges you will notice how your attention capacity increases and that is good when you study!

Physical games : written memory games such as sudoku, crosswords and puzzles improve memory since you have to be more attentive than usual. Your ability to remember and memorize will improve by leaps and bounds. Among all the games, chess deserves a special mention, since it is the one that requires the most attention to achieve that expected 'checkmate'. Learning to play indirectly improves the development of memory. The reason for these affirmations is that it forces us to learn and remember the bases of the game, to know how to move the cards and visualize them without carrying them out. Undoubtedly, an activity of attention and creative memory without equal.

Memorize songs: it is also recommended to exercise the auditory memory. There will always be songs with which we remember rhythms or some words, which at first sight remain engraved. However, a good exercise will consist in memorizing the lyrics, having listened to songs in the most repetitive way possible. Each time it will take you less time to learn a song.

Create simple rhymes: when it comes to memorizing information for an exam it may be that some words, and above all classifications, make our memory exercises difficult. To do this, create simple rhymes that gather the acronyms of the list that you have to learn. Thus, at the time of the exam, you will remember each point and each comma of what you have studied.

Relate studies with other topics: if the rhymes are not your strong point, you can also use similes. Remember complex terms using acronyms that will then remind you what really matters.

Food is also important: there are many foods capable of achieving good memory health. Therefore, keep a balanced diet with foods rich in Omega 3 acids such as salmon, oil, nuts, nuts or spinach, among others.

Ready to put your memory to the point ?, Do you have the best environment for it?


MWC 2017: The 15 best apps for students in Barcelona

The mobile is a tool that must be prohibited during the study ... or not. Our phone can also be a great ally when it comes to studying if we know how to use it properly and how to take advantage of the best apps for students in Barcelona that will help us with tasks ranging from taking notes, to programming our breaks.assignment Help & Writing UK

Best apps for students in Barcelona when it comes to organizing


Timetable : do not you know how to balance your time? Are you looking for a free time to dedicate it to your leisure? Do you think that the classes overlap? Do you have an exam to which you have to dedicate more hours than any other subject? The organization is key to not fail in all the daily needs of a first-level student, and this application allows you to comfortably visualize how you have distributed your day, and as an extra, you can automatically mute your mobile whenever you need it to enter class, study in the library or avoid distractions.

Alarmy : are you one of those who stick their sheets ?, Have you decided to give you a nap between rest and rest and now there is no way to recover the rhythm? With this alarm clock the "five minutes more" ended, forcing you to get out of bed yes or yes, since it will not go out until you offer a photograph of some other room in the room as the bathroom, or solve a mathematical problem.

CamScanner : have you lost your way in class and lost your rhythm in taking notes? Have you not been able to attend a class? No time to reflect everything that comes on the written board? With this app you can scan or scan documents at the moment, in high quality and ready to send them, modify them or simply read them from the same mobile screen.

Evernote : the most recommended application to make all kinds of annotations and have them scanned and available from anywhere: from notes to voice notes, through links, videos, drawings and many other possibilities.

Best apps for Barcelona students to train the brain

Lumosity : more than 25 cognitive games to train your memory, mental reflexes and other qualities that will test your retention capacity to get the most out of hours of study in a trained way.

TED : Do you want the opinion of an expert in any matter? The TED talks allow you to attend virtually anytime more than 2,000 lectures given by the best experts in each subject. Learn from the best!

UnlockYourBrain : are you the ones who are easily distracted by your mobile? Do you want this to not be an impediment to study? You do not need to use an app blocker to control yourself: with UnlockYourBrain you can work both the cognitive skills and the temptation to consult your mobile screen every five minutes because you can not unlock it until you solve a mental challenge.

Best apps for students in Barcelona when it comes to studying

GoConqr : in the Sarriá Residence you can study from in your own room, library, work room with your classmates or in the study room in total silence , but you do not always have so many possibilities at your fingertips at all times. For when you need to review, check notes, make mental maps or even share this information with your colleagues from anywhere, this app allows you to access all this information at once.

Mathway : if yours are the sciences (or you have no choice but to go through them), you can solve this problem that you resist with step by step solutions thanks to this complete application for areas as complex as algebra, trigonometry, statistics, chemistry , etc.

PenMyPaper.com : if, on the contrary, yours are the letters, in more than one occasion you will have seen a hurry when referencing your sources in the bibliography. Now you can do it concretely and easily by simply scanning the bar code of the book that has served as inspiration or introducing its title into your convenient search engine.

IRAE : be it science or letters, writing well is everyone's task, as well as understanding perfectly everything that is told to us from the stage. For this reason, having this app of the Royal Academy of Language on hand allows us to solve a spelling doubt, enrich our vocabulary or finish understanding that strange term that prevents us from fully understanding the text that we have just reproduced.



50 tips for tourism students

In each country there are endless races available to study, these can be as varied as you can imagine and can be focused in different fields. Each individual is free to decide what they want to dedicate, taking into account their skills and aptitudes that make them stand out within their branch, however, there is a special career that can be the subject of debate for many. The degree in Tourism has been in the mouth of half the world; while many support it and defend it tooth and nail, others despise it.


However, for tourism students, graduates and professionals of this career, tourism is not just about traveling around the world , it is not synonymous with ease in tasks and much less focuses solely on serving passengers or tourists; for them it is to see life with other eyes, to observe, breathe, feel, transmit, express, know and admire everything that surrounds them, from the smallest plant to the highest construction made by man and by nature alone. Therefore, for all those who are Legal Steroids for sale passionate about tourism and want to study it, here is a list of 50 tips that we have gathered from students and professionals of this great way of life.

Invest your time and / or money to study or improve the English language.

Learn at least 2 other languages ​​besides your native language and English.

Travel as much as you can.


Practice, nothing comes without effort.

Learn to administer; Start with your own income.

Keep in mind that your days of greatest work will be the rest days of others.

Immerse yourself in culture.

Appreciate knowledge

Organize, coordinate or manage projects, it does not matter if they are from classes; these will generate experience.

Be patient.

Open your mind.

Take advantage of all the courses and excursions that are presented to you.

Never stay with the knowledge of the school, look for more sources of information.

Learn to relate to your environment.

Shows interest in ecology; take care and protect the flora and fauna that surrounds you.

Work by passion, not by obligation.

Admire the world

During school, recycle your project topics, in the end you will have a significant and possibly productive breakthrough.

Be innovative.

Feel proud of your career.

Love your country, enjoy it and know it.

Learn to have insight.

Never say I cant".

Live, explore and preserve positive memories.

Share the phrase "To live is to be a tourist".

Train yourself constantly.

Projects a good ethics and morals.

Be free but act responsibly.

Be humble, but do not let them humiliate you.

Review the skills and abilities within the tourism sector.

It reinforces the socio-emotional, technological and digital transformation competences.

Take initiative

Look for employment in a hotel or travel agency while you study.

Take advantage of scholarships and exchanges abroad.

Never stay in your comfort zone.

Never give up.

Test your skills in all areas.

Make your internship and / or social service in companies related to the career.

Be aware of the sacrifices you will make during your studies and work.

Always have a plan B.

Study to learn, not to approve.

Be empathetic and show serviceability.

Complement your career with Business Administration and accounting.

Develop new communication skills.

Meet the Excel program from start to finish.

Learn to be sustainable .

Think big; Do not settle for being an employee anymore.

Project respect and commitment.

Follow your dreams, no matter what others say, after all, you are doing what you like and are passionate about.

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