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Two Important Life-Saving Skills Your Babysitter Should Know About

What are the qualities that you usually look for in a babysitter? Surely, you're looking for someone whom you can fully trust. You also definitely want someone who is very reliable. What good is someone whom you can fully trust if she's totally unreliable when it comes to showing up on time?

Trust and reliability are the two important traits you always look for in a babysitter says the babysitting experts at You usually settle for a babysitter who has both traits. Why shouldn't you? After all, it's not that easy to come across a babysitter who can both be reliable and trusted.

It's quite hard to find a babysitter who has those traits. This is so true especially if you have no idea where to look. Most of the time, you're too scared to look beyond your comfort zone. Hence, you just end up asking references from neighbors, friends, and family members. Unfortunately, you are just too scared to really look beyond all that.

Now is the time that you should look beyond your comfort zone. If you refuse to do it, you will never find what you're looking for. You always have to keep in mind that it is possible to hire the perfect babysitter.

Connecting to a babysitter who has life-saving skills is definitely a dream true for you and most parents. Hiring someone who has been trained to save a life is truly valuable.

So what are these life-saving skills that every parent will appreciate from a babysitter? These life-saving skills are the following.

First Aid

Wouldn't it be ideal to hire a babysitter who knows First Aid? You'll definitely have peace of mind when you leave your kid with a babysitter who has been trained to administer First Aid. In case an accident happens, you're pretty sure that your kid will be in good hands.

It's every parent's nightmare to find out that his or her kid has been hurt. That's something you don't even want to think about. However, there is always that possibility of happening. No matter how much you avoid the thought of it, it can happen. So why not be prepared for it instead?

The best way you can prepare for accidents is by hiring a babysitter who can handle it professionally. She has to be trained with a life saving such as First Aid. You will, no doubt, feel a lot safer.


It would also be great to hire a babysitter who is certified to do AR and CPR. Of course if a babysitter is certified to administer First Aid, she's definitely trained to do AR and CPR as well.

You just have to check on the validity of her certification because it does have an expiration, which means she has to undergo a recurrent training on First Aid, CPR, and AR. These life saving skills have an expiration date. So don't forget to check on it.

Wouldn't it be great to hire a babysitter who could do AR and CPR should the need arise? What better way to have peace of mind but to know that the babysitter can do more than just dial 911.

These are two life-saving skills you should definitely look for with your next babysitter hire.