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Exercises and activities to exercise the student's memory

For a student, memory is a determining factor in the success of his career. Therefore, it is important that you have the necessary skills to maintain your mental agility and retention. Something that you must take care of maintaining proper sleep hygiene, avoiding stress or simply EduHelpHub exercising it constantly.

Since we were little we have entertained ourselves with board games such as association cards, tongue twisters or riddles, building stories or completing puzzles. But, during adulthood, while we are at the University, we take a Master's degree and we want to make the most of our stay in a university residence . What are the best ideas to exercise the student's memory ?

How to exercise the student's memory in a playful way

Apps to train data retention : train your ability to store information through the different apps available for smartphones and tablets. You will spend hours entertaining while the difficulty of the tests is increasing and almost without realizing it! Through simple challenges you will notice how your attention capacity increases and that is good when you study!

Physical games : written memory games such as sudoku, crosswords and puzzles improve memory since you have to be more attentive than usual. Your ability to remember and memorize will improve by leaps and bounds. Among all the games, chess deserves a special mention, since it is the one that requires the most attention to achieve that expected 'checkmate'. Learning to play indirectly improves the development of memory. The reason for these affirmations is that it forces us to learn and remember the bases of the game, to know how to move the cards and visualize them without carrying them out. Undoubtedly, an activity of attention and creative memory without equal.

Memorize songs: it is also recommended to exercise the auditory memory. There will always be songs with which we remember rhythms or some words, which at first sight remain engraved. However, a good exercise will consist in memorizing the lyrics, having listened to songs in the most repetitive way possible. Each time it will take you less time to learn a song.

Create simple rhymes: when it comes to memorizing information for an exam it may be that some words, and above all classifications, make our memory exercises difficult. To do this, create simple rhymes that gather the acronyms of the list that you have to learn. Thus, at the time of the exam, you will remember each point and each comma of what you have studied.

Relate studies with other topics: if the rhymes are not your strong point, you can also use similes. Remember complex terms using acronyms that will then remind you what really matters.

Food is also important: there are many foods capable of achieving good memory health. Therefore, keep a balanced diet with foods rich in Omega 3 acids such as salmon, oil, nuts, nuts or spinach, among others.

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50 tips for tourism students

In each country there are endless races available to study, these can be as varied as you can imagine and can be focused in different fields. Each individual is free to decide what they want to dedicate, taking into account their skills and aptitudes that make them stand out within their branch, however, there is a special career that can be the subject of debate for many. The degree in Tourism has been in the mouth of half the world; while many support it and defend it tooth and nail, others despise it.


However, for tourism students, graduates and professionals of this career, tourism is not just about traveling around the world , it is not synonymous with ease in tasks and much less focuses solely on serving passengers or tourists; for them it is to see life with other eyes, to observe, breathe, feel, transmit, express, know and admire everything that surrounds them, from the smallest plant to the highest construction made by man and by nature alone. Therefore, for all those who are passionate about tourism and want to study it, here is a list of 50 tips that we have gathered from students and professionals of this great way of life.

Invest your time and / or money to study or improve the English language.

Learn at least 2 other languages ​​besides your native language and English.

Travel as much as you can.


Practice, nothing comes without effort.

Learn to administer; Start with your own income.

Keep in mind that your days of greatest work will be the rest days of others.

Immerse yourself in culture.

Appreciate knowledge

Organize, coordinate or manage projects, it does not matter if they are from classes; these will generate experience.

Be patient.

Open your mind.

Take advantage of all the courses and excursions that are presented to you.

Never stay with the knowledge of the school, look for more sources of information.

Learn to relate to your environment.

Shows interest in ecology; take care and protect the flora and fauna that surrounds you.

Work by passion, not by obligation.

Admire the world

During school, recycle your project topics, in the end you will have a significant and possibly productive breakthrough.

Be innovative.

Feel proud of your career.

Love your country, enjoy it and know it.

Learn to have insight.

Never say I cant".

Live, explore and preserve positive memories.

Share the phrase "To live is to be a tourist".

Train yourself constantly.

Projects a good ethics and morals.

Be free but act responsibly.

Be humble, but do not let them humiliate you.

Review the skills and abilities within the tourism sector.

It reinforces the socio-emotional, technological and digital transformation competences.

Take initiative

Look for employment in a hotel or travel agency while you study.

Take advantage of scholarships and exchanges abroad.

Never stay in your comfort zone.

Never give up.

Test your skills in all areas.

Make your internship and / or social service in companies related to the career.

Be aware of the sacrifices you will make during your studies and work.

Always have a plan B.

Study to learn, not to approve.

Be empathetic and show serviceability.

Complement your career with Business Administration and accounting.

Develop new communication skills.

Meet the Excel program from start to finish.

Learn to be sustainable .

Think big; Do not settle for being an employee anymore.

Project respect and commitment.

Follow your dreams, no matter what others say, after all, you are doing what you like and are passionate about.

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