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Expand Your Business by Renting in California

Within the United States of America, California is the one with the largest population. It is also the third largest when it comes to sheer land area. Plus, this state has some of the most burgeoning industries in America along with some of the brightest and most bustling cities. These include San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Jose. 

Main Industries

The main industries in California's economy are education, manufacturing, aerospace and advanced technology. It is also strong in terms of its tourism and agricultural sectors. Plus, one can find several opportunities when it comes to commerce, international trade and other kinds of businesses. The economy of California is worth trillions of dollars which is great news for the commercial real estate markert.


This is also a state where a competitive wage can be expected as there are an abundance of flourishing companies, patents, and capacity for research, development, and innovation. This also means a truckload of foreign investment each year. Plus there are opportunities for any kind of business to get through to the Asian markets, given that this it is one of the country's main gateways to the Pacific Rim. Hence, California is among the best places for conducting business and operating offices within the United States of America.

Prime Office Locations

One of the most flourishing technological areas is the Southern Orange County. This is an 85,000 square foot location that is home to more than a thousand business folks. There are almost a hundred open office spaces, hundreds of workspaces, and a first-tier data center. There is also a hosting facility and an Energy Star label on the area that is rewarded for its efficiency in operating business systems. 

The offices in this area are both scalable and flexible. Their conference rooms are also equipped with every facility one could wish for. The on-site platform for technology also assures you that there would be a first-class infrastructure system providing a proper firewalled network and excellent internet connectivity. There is also a secure line of Wi-Fi that would make all sorts of telecommunications, email, research, and hosting services run with high efficiency. 

Other prime office locations are Irvine, Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, Laguna Beach, and Newport Beach. These provide highly sophisticated business environments,  that meet the needs of modern companies. Also, Mission Viejo is a place where there are a vast number of entrepreneurial enterprises dealing in medical equipment, games, software, and several forms of technology. 

A great location for office space is situated off the Aliso Creek Road and 73 Toll Road. This area allows for quick and convenient access to Orange County airport which is great for business travelling

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