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seo trends

Keep in mind that each year new marketing terms appear to refer to the organic growth of visits.

Surely you will hear terms such as Growth hacking, Inbound Marketing, etc. These techniques were trend in previous years and fortune-telling, they all looked for the same thing, SEO.

Therefore, in today's post I will show you what SEO trends you should take into account in this next year if you want to capture the greatest number of visitors on your website.

How you can check in the post, some of these SEO trends will sharpen sharply during 2018 and others will eventually disappear. SEO is changing and your obligation as a webmaster is to adapt to changes.

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1 Value loss of keyword stuffing
2 Site content
3 Voice searches
4 accelerated mobile pages (AMP)
5 The link building will continue sending but will lose value
6 CTR + Querry - Filling text
7 Structured data and Rich snippets on the rise
8 The power of the WPO will continue
9 Lost value of https and responsive web
10 Geolocation growth
11 Machine Learning as a key SEO trend in the future
12 Conclusions about what the SEO of 2018 will bring us

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