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A Straight Razor is Better Than the Expensive, Sophisticated, Waterproof Electric Razor

A Straight razor is a razor that comes with a blade that folds into its handle. They are also knows as Open Razors and Cut-Throat Razors.

Earlier, the mostly used razors were the straight razors. But now they have been overshadowed by the safety razors. Electric razors have also given competition to the straight razors. Despite that, Straight razor manufacturers still exist in Asia, Europe and the United States. Antique straight razors are also used in some places. - Straight razor

The Straight razor requires very special skills to hone and strop. It requires more care during the shaving.

A straight razor is thousand times better than the expensive, sophisticated, waterproof electric razor. A straight razor gives the best close shave. Most of the Barbers use straight razors.

The user should know about the techniques and precautions of a straight razor.

Some people believe that it may cause serious harm. But it is very unlikely that a person can cut any vital like the trachea, jugular veins or anything else with a straight razor because shaving is done with the blade at approximately an angle of 30 degrees to the skin. A deep incision is required by both the blades to be nearly perpendicular to the skin.

To keep the straight razor effective, it must be kept extremely sharp. The edge of the straight razor is delicate and an inexpert use may bend or fold over the razor's edge. To straighten the microscopic sharp edge, the blade should be stropped on leather on a regular basis.

Straight razors cover more area per stroke compared to the other razors because the cutting edge is much longer.

A straight razor gives a close shave only with a shaving cream that produces good leather. A thick layer of shaving cream is applied to the face and it should remain there for at least 3-5 minutes.

The razor should be sharpening. It is done by running the edge of the razor in a perpendicular orientation against the leather. The strop is hold to make it taut. The razor's blade is pulled away from the body and the back towards the body.

The razor should be held correctly. The razor should be held with the index and second fingers placed over the shank or the metal part, which connects the blade to the handle. The thumb should wrap under the bottom of the shank, so that it can be gripped easily. And the ring finger is placed on the small tang, which extends from the handle.

With one free hand, the skin is stretched to make it as taut as possible. The razor should be placed at a 30 degree angle to the surface of the skin. Shaving should be performed in the hair growth direction. After that, another layer of cream is applied and the area is shaved again.

After the shaving, the skin and the lubricant is washed with warm water. Afterward the skin should be rinsed off again with cold water. It closes the pores and soothes the skin.

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